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Whittier Divorce Attorney on Restraining Orders

California Restraining Order Law

Our Whittier family law attorney makes it his primary goal to help you get through the divorce process with a minimal amount of trauma or anxiety. Unfortunately, there are sometimes circumstances that require the filing of an official restraining order to control the behavior of one or both spouses.

Evidence of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse—either against a spouse or against children—is often grounds for the granting of a criminal or civil restraining order. In extreme cases, the abusive spouse may be ordered by the courts to vacate the family home and to maintain a specific distance from the other spouse and the children.

Our Whittier divorce lawyer can also file restraining orders to be issued during divorce proceedings. These are designed to prevent the spouses from engaging in certain activities that could compromise the other spouse’s best interests, including:

  • Hiding or liquidating assets

  • Taking children out of state before custody orders have been reached

  • Making large purchases or opening new lines of credit without the other spouse’s knowledge

  • Making unapproved changes to insurance policies, including beneficiary information

  • Hiding or compromising property records

Remember, the court system has the best interests of both spouses in mind, and will work to prevent one spouse from taking advantage of the other or engaging in unfair practices. At the Law Office of Dennis M. Schuster, we’re dedicated to helping you try to reach a fair and equitable resolution.