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Guardianship & Conservatorship

California Guardianship & Conservatorship Law

There are certain scenarios in which the court may opt to appoint a parental or non-parental guardian to care for an adult individual. At the Law Office of Dennis M. Schuster, our family law attorney is experienced in the fields of guardianship and conservatorship law, and can help to ensure the best interests of all parties involved.

Court-ordered guardianships can be issued for individuals under the age of 18 who require the guidance of a responsible adult. Court-ordered conservatorships are designed for the care and protection of adults over the age of 18 who require specialized supervision. Once appointed, the guardian or conservator has control over decisions involving medical care, education, social situations, contractual agreements, and other factors.

There are several different factors that can influence a court to appoint a guardian or conservator. A guardianship may be granted to a concerned friend or family member if there is evidence of verbal, physical, or emotional abuse by one or both parents in the home, or if the parents are physically or financially unable to care for the child.

A limited or full conservatorship is often ordered for an adult with developmental disabilities that affect their ability to make sound medical, financial, or social decisions. The conservator is entrusted with protecting the impaired adult’s assets and best interests from exploitation by outside parties.

If you are seeking temporary or permanent guardianship or conservatorship, the Law Office of Dennis M. Schuster can help.