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Misdemeanor Defense

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor in the Whittier, CA or surrounding areas, the Law Office of Dennis M. Schuster is here to provide you top representation. A misdemeanor, although generally a non-violent crime unlike felonies, can lead to incarceration for up to one year and can have significant implications on your future livelihood – impositions on future educational opportunities or employment. Through a proactive approach and specially formulated case, Dennis M. Schuster can successfully negotiate your charges in a way most advantageous for you with either less jail time, reduced fines, or even walking away with probation.


Misdemeanors are charges for less violent crimes that do not usually include physical harm or threat to harm. Although misdemeanors still classify as criminal offenses, they are offenses only punishable up to one year incarceration time. Generally, they also include other consequences such as payable fines, community service, or probation. In the state of  California, misdemeanors generally fall into these categories:

Criminal Record words on a manila file folder tab to illustrate crime data and arrest infraction violation information

  • 1st offense DWI/DUI
  • Simple possession of marijuana
  • Simple battery
  • Domestic violence
  • Public intoxication
  • 1st offense drug possession
  • Soliciting for prostitutes
  • Minor weapons offenses



From within the Whittier, CA or surrounding areas, Dennis understands the system. In some cases, defendants are even victims of entrapment by undercover police officers or informants. Let him sort through the findings and discover misinformation or false statements to build a case that is most advantageous for you. Remember, you should always seek an experienced, criminal attorney to represent you. Let him negotiate your charges for reduction or dismissal so you can rest easy. Contact the Law Office of Dennis M. Schuster for a free consultation today or call (888) 756-5776.