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Criminal Law

Whittier, CA criminal attorney Dennis M. Schuster has been providing successful representation for defense cases for clients across Whittier, CA and surrounding Los Angeles and Orange County cities for over 30 years! If you’re dealing with criminal charges, it’s important that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will fight for you and take a proactive approach to uncover the facts behind your situation to build your case. He has successfully represented previous clients facing charges to walk away with probation or minimal fines and he can help you.

Every Case is Defensible


  • DWI’s and DUI’s– Dennis will uncover the facts and negotiate your case for dismissal or reduction of charges.
  • Felony Charges– most serious type of criminal offense. Dennis will uncover the facts and review police proceedings for errors to minimize your sentencing or save your life.
  • Misdemeanors– minor charges punishable up to one year in incarceration. Dennis will build a case that is most advantageous for you and negotiate your sentence for least amount of jail time, reduction in payable fines, or even walking away with probation.
  • Traffic Offenses– Dennis will protect your driving record and save you the hassle of dealing with traffic courts. He’ll negotiate for a full dismissal or reduction in traffic charges and keep your record clean.



Dealing with charges is never easy. You need an experienced criminal lawyer who will fight for you and build a case that is most advantageous for you in order to either throw out your charges or get you away with probation to avoid jail time for serious charges. Dennis will take a proactive approach to uncover the facts and conduct a comprehensive review of the evidence against you along with reviewing police procedures to discover misinformation or false statements.  Contact the Law Offices of Dennis Schuster today for a free consultation.